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Within all sports, specialist sports physiotherapy can significantly help an athlete's development. Specifically, golfers can be helped by making the body's movements more efficient, thus improving performance and reducing the likelihood of recurring injury.

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TGC's expert sports physiotherapists undertake a full musculoskeletal assessment aimed at identifying and understanding each individual's physical movement patterns and how they are affecting their golfing performance.

Integrated with 3D biomechanics and athletic development, a tailored programme is developed to deal with any pre-existing ailments, develop key areas of strength and conditioning and, ultimately, improve sporting performance and avoid recurring injury.

TGC offers a proven and professionally organised programme to initiate the physical and technical changes that will lead to enhanced golf play and reduction in injury rates for every level of professional and amateur golfer.

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  • Case studies - Learn how our approach has been successfully applied for two individuals - Simon and Tom.