The TGC Team

TGC comprises a team of professionals combining their individual expertise to provide a fully integrated approach to golf conditioning.

Read on for profiles of our key team members.

Chris Boynes

Chris Boynes BEd (Hons) PE, Grad Dip Phys, MCSP, HPC, MSOM, MACPSM, MAACP
Chartered Sports Physiotherapist

Chris Boynes is a very proactive and experienced chartered sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapist with a previous degree in physical education. For six years he was club physiotherapist to London Irish RFC, before leaving to establish PhysioActive at its current premises in Mottingham in 2001.

A former lecturer in sports rehabilitation at the University of Surrey, Chris continues to give lectures on sports injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation to chartered physiotherapists, osteopaths, coaches and players. He also lectures in the UK, Greece and Poland. He is qualified to teach the FA First Aid for Sport course and also runs classes on core stability and muscle balance work. He has worked with athletes, both amateur and professional, in sporting disciplines as varied as rugby, soccer, ice hockey, netball, tennis, martial arts, gymnastics, dance, athletics, boxing, sailing and windsurfing. He also works with PGA golf professionals as a consultant specialising in the management of golfing injuries and how to prevent them.

He is licensed to treat with acupuncture and uses needles and electro-acupuncture with great effect for pain relief and in the treatment of acute and chronic conditions. He also uses the more traditional methods of treatment such as mobilisation, manipulation, soft-tissue massage and exercise therapy. Chris is Commercial Secretary of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports Medicine (ACPSM).


Stewart Corstorphine

Stewart Corstorphine
3D Biomechanics

Stewart is 47 years old and has been a full member of the Professional Golfers Association since 1984, presently holding an AA status.

Having worked at several of the leading golf clubs in the south east of England, most notably as senior assistant to the three-time Ryder Cup and World cup player George Will at Sundridge Park Golf Club, who was coach to several leading tour players. Stewart was appointed head Professional at Chislehurst Golf Club (1988-1993). June 2007 saw him move to the magnificent setting of Selsdon Park Hotel where he plans to set up one of the finest golf academies in the UK.

2001 was a memorable year as Stewart first made the acquaintances of four men who were to move his career in the direction it has taken him today. Dr Robert Neal (golf biomechanist), Michael Dalgleish (physiotherapist), David Chettle (strength and conditioning expert) and Ramsay McMaster (golf-specific physio). These four enhanced Stewart's coaching knowledge more than anything or anybody in the previous 20 years. Stewart has since completed 'The Golf Athlete' levels 1 and 2, 'International Physiotherapy systems' level one and 2 as well as completing TPI CGFI level 1.

Stewart can regularly be seen across the UK and Europe presenting to fellow professionals, physiotherapists, strength and conditioning experts and other allied health professionals.

Presentations include:

  • 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009 - Golf Biodynamics - Understanding and integrating 3D motion capture as part of a multidisciplinary player development system for coaches and allied health professionals.
  • 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009 - The Golf Athlete - Co-ordinating and presenting for the Brisbane based 'Golf Athlete' team, presenting golf swing fundamentals as part of the integrated approach to elite player development
  • 2006, 2007, 2008 - International Physiotherapy Systems - Presenting to the delegates of Ramsay McMaster the principles and benefits of 3D motion capture as part of the integrated system for player development.
  • 2008 - TGA/Harvey Newton - Presenting the integration of video/3D capture to understand efficient technique and identify physical and technical limitation.

As well as being a Surrey County Golf Union coach for junior development Stewart also acts as a consultant to Sussex Junior under 16/18 squad and Cambridgeshire Ladies Squad as well as being technical consultant to the University of Newport's scholarship programme in 2007/2008.

Stewart has always been passionate about coaching players of all levels from absolute beginners to world tour players, he presently coaches and has provided services to several players from the European, Seniors, Ladies and Challenge Tours.


Danny Yeomans

Danny Yeomans
Strength and Conditioning Coach (Athletic Development)

Danny has worked as a strength conditioning coach for the past seven years as part of a twelve year career as a professional in the health and fitness industry. During this period he has dedicated a lot of his time to enhancing his knowledge of anatomy and physiology along with movement in the human body. His work has covered a large variety of clients and challenges from all walks of life, ranging from elite athletes to amateur sports men and women and heads of national corporations, as well as individuals who simply want to improve their condition and/or appearance.

Danny's main qualifications come from the world renowned Golf Athlete, where he is one of a select few to have completed both levels One and Two; and also from the Chek Institute (corrective, holistic, exercise and kinesiology), covering strength and conditioning, corrective exercise, posture, functional training, core strengthening and back rehabilitation amongst other topics.

Danny is a single figure golfer and works with golfers of all levels from elite players to the occasional golfer. In between training himself and his clients, he is always studying, looking to further improve his knowledge by attending courses and seminars mainly focused around conditioning for golf.


Paul Chamberlain

Paul Chamberlain
Performance Nutritionist

Paul is a performance nutritionist experienced in working with both elite and amateur athletes in a variety of sports, including golfers on the PGA European and Challenge tours. Paul has also provided performance nutrition support for an elite golf academy in Spain, working with elite junior and adult players working towards a career in tournament golf. Paul has an MSc in Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition and has practical laboratory experience of physiological testing techniques. He has also provided general nutrition consultancy for over 10 years, providing solid nutrition principals to underpin his sport-specific nutrition advice, promoting long-term good health in addition to any performance gains.

Paul is an enthusiastic and energetic speaker who has lectured extensively in the UK and around the world and is able to communicate clearly to a wide range of audiences. As former technical director for a major food supplement manufacturer, Paul has first-hand experience of the supplement market and, in particular, which products are backed by scientific research.

With golfers now spending more time in the gym, good nutrition is vital to optimise strength and power gains and also to ensure consistent energy and concentration while on the course. With his background and experience Paul is ideally placed to advise on the best nutritional strategies tailored for each individual player.