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Every golfer, from the touring pro to the amateur club player, wants to improve their game. It's only been over the past few years that golfers have been looking at their fitness to improve their scores - many have hit thousands of balls on the driving range to try to hit the ball further and not looked at whether they are physically capable of doing so.

Man working with exercise ball

In our current climate the publicity that comes from the top players about their exercise routines or the fact that a lot of them are employing fitness coaches is now starting to open the eyes of all men and women that play the game of golf.

'Strength and conditioning' is a phrase that scares a lot of people, thinking that they are going to become big and bulky. This is not the case if you follow a well-planned training routine devised by a fitness professional who understands the biomechanics of the golf swing.

It is very important to start with an assessment because if you don't know where you are at physically to start with you cannot know the direction in which you need to go. We would like to see all club amateurs, along with the elite players, assessed for their physical capabilities as early as possible in their golfing career.

Woman doing a press-up

This assessment should involve an in-depth physiotherapy assessment involving screening of body structure, static and dynamic posture, postural imbalances, joint stability, gait and flexibility. In many cases, limitations identified here will otherwise restrict technical improvement and, more importantly, will limit their ability to complete physical training exercise correctly.

Man lifting barbell weights

The concept of athletic development has been around for a long time now. If you're in the age range of eight to eighty you can be put somewhere along the physical continuum of development based on twenty or more physical attributes - lunging, pushing, pulling, weight transfer, squatting, single leg squatting, vertical stability, horizontal stability, and torso rotation to name just a few.

TGC offers an integrated training plan which is designed around your personal golf swing biomechanics, a physical screening assessment and your available time. Whether you are an elite athlete or a golf 'couch potato' we can help you progress, tailoring your exercises specifically for you and your game. During your training, your coach, physio and trainer communicate constantly so that we can accurately assess your progress on all fronts.