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TGC partner Total Golf Analysis (TGA) is the proud UK representative of the US based Golf BioDynamics. Our association dates back to 2002 and we are the only professional golfers that operate with the Golf BioDynamics system in the UK.

Strobe of 3D analysis model

In essence, Golf BioDynamics provides a service to the golf industry, by acting as expert consultants to teaching professionals, physiotherapists and conditioning coaches.

Using the latest in 3D biomechanics equipment, Golf BioDynamics provides expert interpretative biomechanical reporting on body motions during the golf swing. That is, 'real time' position and orientation of parts of the body (e.g. head, shoulders, arms, hips, club, etc.) are recorded as the golfer swings the club - all in 3D.

Although most popular for long game analysis, the GBD system is also available for short game/pitching and putting. The measurement system is coupled with a capacity for biofeedback training - one that is proven to speed up the learning process.

Take video analysis a step further by adding a third dimension!

What is provided for the Golf Athlete?

  • An easy to understand interpretative report highlights the areas the golfer and/or their golf professional, physiotherapist and strength and conditioning coach need to address in terms of the body motion
  • A biofeedback session - the first step to accelerate the learning process associated with technique change.
  • Physical limitations highlighted and golf specific exercises prescribed as required or referral to a physiotherapist/strength and conditioning coach depending on the level of commitment
  • A copy of the 3D software and client's swing animation on CD for home viewing is also available.