Sample Reports

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This page demonstrates a selection of the reports used by TGC throughout the assessment, programme development and ongoing monitoring stages of our work.

Whether it's physical or technical data being reported, our formats are easy to understand and easy to navigate through.

The data is shared between physiotherapist, biomechanic and strength coach, allowing for consistency and understanding between all parties.

Physio Screening

Physio screening report

Our physio screening report provides an example of some of the various tests the golfer will go through as we assess them for range of motion, segmental stability, static and dynamic postural awareness, muscle imbalances, balance and golf-specific movement patterns (as identified using 3D analysis).

The screening is essential, as it allows the golfer to understand where they need to improve physicaly - it is of no value for the coach to ask the player to do something they physically cannot do. The player can then work alongside the athletic development coach who will oversee the necessary physical improvements, enabling them to progress along the physical continuum during the competitive season.

Regular 3D analysis is recommended, thereby making the whole team accountable for the golfer's development, as any progression or regression can be highlighted clearly in three dimensions.

PDF file - click to open; right-click to download  Click here for a sample physio screening report.

3D Swing Report

Full swing report

This is a three to four page report quantifying:

  • setup foundations - posture and alignments
  • backswing - body movements, rotations and stability
  • downswing - body movements, rotations and stability
  • swing dynamics - speeds, x-factor, x-factor stretch, timing sequences

The report is colour coded for ease of interpretation with:

  • numbers within corridors as green
  • just out of corridors as amber
  • well outside as red

We will interpret the data and present a summary at the top of the report to enable the pupil to easily understand what is required from them to improve.

The report itself is produced in around five minutes. Biofeedback sessions take one hour (including report) or thirty minutes using previous reports.

As well as the full swing report, 3D analysis and reporting is available for pitching and putting.

PDF file - click to open; right-click to download  Click here for a sample swing report.

Other Reports

The following is a small selection of the various reports shared among TGC's departments to make sure that every golfer has a clear plan for their physical and technical improvement: