Services » Physiotherapy Services

TGC's physio services are provided through PhysioActive. The range of services available includes:

  • Sports and spinal advanced physiotherapy treatment
  • Specific sports assessment, diagnosis and treatments
  • Golf-specific musculoskeletal assessments and programming
  • Strength and conditioning programme development and personal fitness training
  • Regular sports physician-led clinics with Dr Ian Beasley, doctor to Arsenal FC
  • Constant communication with and referral to some of the UK's leading sports physicians
  • Gait analysis
  • Pilates for back pain and other problematic musculoskeletal areas
  • Podiatry and orthotic supply
  • Traditional Chinese acupuncture
  • Intramuscular acupuncture
  • Dry needling
  • Sports massage
  • London marathon runners injury clinic
  • Muscle imbalance assessment and stability re-training
  • A medical referral system that guarantees access to experts in each field, be it orthopaedic (hip, knee, ankle, etc.), neuro-surgeons and other specific problem areas. This includes regular communications with one of the leading clinics for spinal disorders - the Spinal Foundation in Rochdale, Lancashire, headed by Mr Martin Knight, Consultant Spinal Surgeon.

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