About Total Golf Conditioning

Total Golf Conditioning provides an integrated service for golfers, including amateurs of all levels, touring professionals, golf coaches and fitness professionals working within the golf industry. The interventions provided are designed to lead to enhanced playing performance, reduce the chance of injury (and, equally as important, injury recurrence) and greater enjoyment. TGC has developed specific strategies to enable golfers and anyone involved in the golf industry to effectively apply sports science principles to improve their performance.

A key question for the golfer or coach is often how much is physical and how much is technical? TGC believes that there is a distinct core of faults that have a primary physical cause or contribution. There will be many that require no or minimal physical intervention. However, for faults with a large physical contribution, coaching interventions directed at technical correction strategies alone will, at best, have retarded improvement. This approach will unfortunately delay the achievement of a successful outcome for the player.

Once a problem has been isolated, the challenge is where to send the player. What interventions or assessments should the golfer expect? TGC recommends that all athletes should undergo a thorough physical assessment. This approach is valid for all athletes who have as their goal the long-term improvement and, ultimately, maintenance of their physical ability, irrespective of developmental age or handicap.

A thorough assessment involves:

  • physiotherapy - a golf-specific musculoskeletal screening or assessment
  • strength and conditioning/atheletic development - a full golf-specific physical competence assessment
  • biomechanics - a 3-dimensional kinematic assessment

The TGC team offers an integrated service addressing each of these aspects in full - for details, visit our services page.