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"Unlike with a video, which requires playback after the event, you can see where you are going right - or, perhaps more realistically, where you are going wrong - immediately, which is descibed as real-time. Thus, the whole process is speeded up immeasurably. And the beauty of it all is that you are not blinded by science - everything is broken down into fairly simplistic terms."

Paul Symes - Sports Editor, Croydon Advertiser


"Being able to work with clients using the 3D systems has proven to give vital feedback to the clients and coach alike. Once faults have been isolated by the demographics, coach and pupil set to work feeling the changes, by way of a buzzer that sounds when they hit the right position. This system encapsulates the three major learning styles - visual, auditory and kinesthetic. A great tool in the ever developing world of golf coaching."

Jamie Donaldson - Director, TP Golf Academy


"3D motion analysis is the definitive tool for analysing the golf swing. The system reaches beyond the capabilities of conventional video analysis, providing information that tells you exactly what is happening in the swing, not only in the positioning but measuring and quantifying the sequencing and efficiency of the movement. The system removes the guesswork and deals with the truth! Any golfer serious about maximising their potential must take advantage of this technology!"

Mark Johnson - PGA Professional


"As a coach I am constantly looking for more effective ways of communicating with my players. 3D analysis not only provides me with quantifiable information, but also gives the player real time feedback when making prescribed changes. I firmly believe 3D analysis is a key link in any coaching chain."

Hugh Marr - FPGA Head Coach, Surrey County Golf Union


"The real thing is that I think it is a wonderful tool for the teacher and the student to help diagnose problems and to plan a course of instruction and I think it's a good reality check to see how you are progressing. I also think that the biofeedback is incredibly helpful, but I think you need to do it on a regular basis to get the full benefit. If I'm really honest though, the thing that makes me keep coming back is getting to know, understand and form a good working relationship with high quality coaches that are honest with you and help you assess your own game honestly."

Bruce Carter (12 handicap) - Selsdon Park Golf Club


"As you know, I have been developing my golf game using the traditional facilities of the golf range and the teaching staff for nearly twenty years. In that time I have recieved many valuable lessons that have helped me through the difficult times that this game brings to every player.

I have to say that during this period, the introduction of your 3D system in my view is the single most important development in golf teaching. My reason is that successful teaching occurs when the student understands what they are doing now to hit the golf ball and what they should be doing to improve.

The 3D report provides you with the specific swing information pointing out what's good, acceptable and what needs to be improved.

The follow-up sessions using the 3D equipment and sound monitors really do guide you to move into the right positions and reinforce what good feels like!

For me the 3D system takes the guesswork out of fault analysis. It represents a totally unbiased view of the facts that allow coaching to occur around the real areas that you need to improve upon to help your game.

Since using the 3D, my handicap has reduced from 6 to 4 in just two months."

Chris Allbut (4 handicap) - Croham Hurst Golf Club